Deposit required to hold your choice puppy is $500.00 with the Balance due at 8 weeks of age.

First Pick Male: 

First Pick Female:Reserved For Charles Cotlon

Black Female: Duggan Family

Selene is a Super Cute Apricot Female

Birth weigh 5 Ounces Reserved for Lisa

Apricot Female reserved for: Donna Baxter

*All Prices reflect full akc, unless otherwise noted*

​Thank You!

*Breeder has first right to reserve*


Black Panther: 

Black Male Reserved For the Rogers Family

Females in Season to be bred:

​None at this time


Starlet and Chili Have been Bred. They should be expecting Puppies on or around December 6th, 2018

Expecting Dark Reds

First pick Female and First Pick Male are reserved at this time

If you would like to be on her waiting list, Please contact me


(Daughter to Chili and Starlet) and Hershey

Welcomed three beautiful babies on the 25th of September, 2018

One Female and two Males 

See below for availability and prices

 See Below for available puppies, adults, upcoming litters, and Waiting Lists!

 Venom, now Peru has gone to his Fur-ever home with Wayne and Jessica Brown


 Available Puppies

Harvest is a Gorgeous Red Male

Birth weight 5 ounces RESERVED for Sade Coakley



Do not send money until you have spoken with me regarding a Deposit.

If you would like to be on my waiting list for upcoming litters and for future breedings, please contact me.

Additional waiting list:

Elizabeth G. Rodrigues: Tiny Apricot female

Denise Gipson: TCup

Nica Pipkin: Dark red Female (Starlet) 

T-cup Female: Vera Ward

Candy (Daughter to Starlet and Chili) and Mylo welcomed 2 Cutie Pies on October 6th, 2018.

One Red Male and One Apricot Female.

​Both are reserved at this time.


Below you will find Parents that have been bred and information pertaining to each litter and litters expected.


Travits Tcups And Toys

Samoa and Chili have been bred.

They are expecting on or around November 25th, 2018

Colors Expected are Reds, Dark Reds, Blacks, and/or Phantoms.

​If you are interested in this litter please contact me to be placed on the waiting list.

​I am also accepting First pick deposits for both Male and Female